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Massclone is a tool for bulk cloning GitHub repositories. With it you can easily clone, 3 or 300 repos with a single command. Works with private repos too! All you have to do is authenticate with GitHub.

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Adonis Jsonable

Adonis Jsonable AdonisJs Trait Provider that aims to solve the problems with using Postgres' JSON types in AdonisJs.

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The wsl-proxy project was something I created to help provide an introp between WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and Windows itself.

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Crystal Razer

Crystal Razer was a little play project for me to experiment with the Crystal language. It allows you to control a Razer Chroma Keyboard from Crystal.

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SlapBot is a Telegram bot for slapping people. Hosted as @SuperSlapBot.

Check it out! is a simple Crystal library for interacting with the Twitter API.

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